Crate Entertainment was founded in 2008 to unshackle developers from corporate interests and develop games with deep gameplay and creative integrity, in the genres we love. That isn’t to say we ignore the financials but rather, we have our own development process whereby we believe sound judgement, dedication to our products and efficient development will naturally result in stable profitability. We know the audience for our games because we build games that we ourselves want to play.

Our team is small but gritty; composed of seasoned veterans with expertise and passion for strategy and role-playing games. At Crate, we’ve created one of the most recognized contributions to the ARPG genre, with our first released title: Grim Dawn. Funded via Kickstarter in 2012 and released in 2016, Grim Dawn has gone to sell over 3 million copies of the base game and over 4 million units of DLC on PC. In December 2021, the Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition was released on Xbox.

The success of Grim Dawn has established us as a fully independent developer, not reliant upon or constrained by publishers or investors. Our second game, the town-builder Farthest Frontier, released to Steam Early-Access in Q3 2022 and has already sold nearly 1m copies. Looking to the future, we are hard at work on two unannounced projects and the next generation of our proprietary engine technology.

For more information about Crate Entertainment or for business inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]