3D Rigger / Animator

Crate Entertainment is looking for a 3D Rigger / Animator to help bring heroes and monster to life in our RTS, ARPG and Survival projects. The ideal candidate will have experience and an understanding of what goes into creating animations that not only look great but meet functional design requirements and create satisfying gameplay.

We currently have multiple projects in the works using both commercial and proprietary engines. Crate is a small, independent studio but our financial success has given us a level of stability you’re unlikely to find in larger studios dependent upon investors or publishers. We have no fixed release dates, no meetings and no one on the team who isn’t involved in actually building games. Our culture is casual and no-BS but we also pride ourselves in efficiency and working hard. Crate has no physical office and has always operated on a remote, work-from-home model.


  • Rig & Animate 3D assets (characters, creatures, props, sets, etc.) to achieve the intended animation performance for gameplay.
  • Work closely with artists, designers, and engineers to create and implement 3D art and animations.
  • Collaborate with other team members to create and support small team animation needs.
  • Manage animation outsourcing when the need arises, providing clear quality and functional guidelines for outsourcers and checking work.


  • Technical animation skillset; strong familiarity with 3D art workflows and rigging of characters and creatures.
  • Proficient in Maya and other rigging and animation tools.
  • Ability to debug character rig and weighting issues.
  • Understanding of topology and anatomy to collaborate with artists.
  • Experience working with keyframe animation.
  • Experience creating human and non-human gameplay combat animations.
  • Must be a US resident.

Desired Qualifications

  • Love for RPG and Strategy games.
  • 4 or more years of industry experience.
  • 3-5 years of runtime animation system experience.
  • Experience with creating behavior trees & AI driven animation systems.
  • Python or MEL scripting experience a plus.
  • Experience working with mocap a plus.

Application Materials

Applicants should email a resume and cover letter, including a brief summary of your favorite games and what you’re currently playing to: [email protected]