Crate Entertainment Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
February 18, 2009

Crate Entertainment is proud to celebrate one year in business!

"Despite significant challenges posed by the launch of a new venture in this tough economic climate, we have perservered. In 2009 we will continue to refine our original properties and seek out a partner that can support our effort to create new worlds and innovate in online entertainment." says Crate founder Arthur Bruno.

Crate Entertainment Acquires Black Legion Property from Iron Lore
August 19, 2008

Crate Entertainment is pleased to announce the acquisition of another original property from Iron Lore Entertainment. This property, with the working title: Black Legion, was being developed and pitched to publishers in late 2007 as Iron Lore's next big RPG title. The Crate team was leading the creation of this new property before Iron Lore closed.

"Abandoning this project, that we had put so much work and passion into creating, was one of the most difficult aspects of Iron Lore closing. Black Legion had already generated significant interest with publishers when Iron Lore ran out of operational funds and was forced to close its doors." said Arthur Bruno, founder of Crate Entertainment. "I'm grateful that we have this second opportunity to bring the game to market; this is really the type of game that I joined the industry to make."

Crate plans to pick up where Iron Lore left off by continuing development and securing a publishing deal for Black Legion.

Demiurge Studios Contracts Crate Entertainment
February 27, 2008

Crate Entertainment, independent console and PC development studio, will be assisting Demiurge Studios, independent developers of video games for PC and major console platforms, by providing art and design leadership on a contracting basis.

The Crate team will be working internally at Demiurge over the next eight months and is excited about the opportunity this relationship represents.